Restaurant Arm Chairs

Good food and excellent customer service is an integral part of attracting and retaining customers in your establishment. But so is ensuring a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable seating for them as well which should be taken into consideration when configuring a theme and seating layout for your venue. With price, style, comfort and design in mind, Restaurant Furniture Canada is happy to help you find what you are looking for without compromising your budget or decor. These restaurant chairs are a perfect example.

Now available with an armrest, your guests can dine in style and comfort. The selection of these arm chairs range from metal to wood and combinations of both. These chairs are exclusively made for commercial use and designed for long lasting durability. Many of our extensive styles can be customized to match with your d├ęcor and color scheme. We also provide table tops and matching bar stools for you to give your dining space a completed uniform look.

(SKU: #CAF-US-200-AR)
Price: $165.00
(SKU: #CAF-1000-WA)
Price: $95.50
(SKU: #CAF-US-205-AR)
Price: $165.00
(SKU: #CAF-1003-AR)
Price: $98.50
(SKU: #CAF-1004-WA)
Price: $81.50
(SKU: #CAF-US-245-AR)
Price: $171.00
(SKU: #CAF-US-220-AR)
Price: $171.00
(SKU: #CAF-US-225-AR)
Price: $169.00
(SKU: #CAF-1009-AR)
Price: $108.00
(SKU: CAF-41060-AR)
Price: $107.00
Price: $164.00
(SKU: CAF-B2313)
Price: $184.00