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If you are looking for more flexibility and customization options, you have more choices when you can order a table top and a table base separately. Creating your very own restaurant table can be exciting and a lot of fun. But it can also be an ordeal if you don’t know what to look for.

Tips for Buying Table Bases

You may be wondering why you would order a table top and table base separately when you can just have a full table instead. Where is the logic in putting two separate items together when you can use a fully assembled table?

Yes you can order a full table and we do carry plenty of them. If you are looking for a quick table set-up solution and feel matching a table top with a compatible base is too much hassle for you, a table set may be the right choice.

  • How do you determine which table base fits best with your table top?
  • Should you buy a two-prong base or an X prong base?
  • What material should your table base be made of and why does it matter?
  • What type of height do you need to have for your table base?

Restaurant table bases differ in style, size, material and weight. Each business has its own unique characteristics and style. Finding the right base can be tough. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices available so you can narrow down your options to fit your needs in the following ways:


  • Round Base

    One of the most popular base styles for restaurants, this is best paired together with a round table top. Stability is improved when attaching a round top to a round base as opposed to a square top. Flat surface area suffices as foot placement for enhanced comfort.

  • Square Base

    A great solution for large table tops that require two or more bases. It also minimizes wobbling. With a large surface area, square bases offer foot space and great stability.

  • X Prong Base

    This functional table base allows more storage room for chairs. With less surface area than a round or square base, chairs can be pushed in further underneath the table. Because of this, it is one of the most preferred choices for table bases.

  • Bolt Down Base

    This base is designed to anchor the column to the floor therefore permanently securing the entire table in place. This type of base is commonly used on booth tables and in food courts.

  • 2 Prong Base

    Similar to an X prong base, this table base offers more room for chairs but with a much smaller surface area. While this base pairs nicely with any table top shape, two of them should be installed at the opposite ends of a long rectangular top to ensure stability.


The most important structural factor in table bases is the material they are made from.

    • Cast Iron

      This material is a great choice due to its heavy weight, rough texture, and durability. Cast iron bases are typically powder coated to prevent chipping and rusting but also have longer longevity than other table bases.

    • Aluminium

      This table base is a good choice for smaller appliances and offers robust table support. It’s easy to clean, maintains a great finish and is also rustproof.

    • Chrome/Stainless Steel

      Most universal and popular outdoor table base material known for its durability and ease of maintenance.

Choosing thr Right Table Bases?

Durability and stability are crucial qualities that embody a quality table base. Aesthetics and comfort are important too. You don’t only want a solid foundation but also a base that will complement the way your table looks, reflect your overall restaurant design and keep your guests seated at a comfortable height.

Ideally, most people wouldn’t notice your table. Instead, they tend to notice the meals they are being served, service, ambiance and even the decor. However, if something is wrong with your restaurant table, patrons will notice almost immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with the table bases?

They come with all that you need to connect them to the table top, which includes the base, glides and spider connector.

What size table base should I buy?

22"x22" is our most popular base, but as needs might vary because of the shape and size of your tabe top please refer to our table base guide for more information.

How tall are the table bases?

30" for regular restaurant tables and 42" for bar tables. Please make sure that you order the proper base for the tables at your venue.