Outdoor Table Bases

Our outdoor table bases are perfect for use in all weather conditions be it rain or shine. Available in regular 30" or 42" bar height and in several designs, these bases are literally the foundation of a good dining experience.

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17 Products

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Outdoor Restaurant Table Bases

If you want to get your restaurant patio up and running, you need tables that will withstand the test of time and weather. Fortunately, we carry a selection of restaurant patio tables. But if you want a custom look for your patio, creating your outdoor table from a top and base is a better option. While we carry restaurant table bases exclusively made for indoor use, a lot of them can also be used in outdoor locations, as seen in our catalog below.

We offer a variety of outdoor table bases, each with unique aesthetics and benefits. Available in a variety of shapes, materials, and heights, each base supports a wide range of compatible tops, providing both contemporary and traditional looks. You can use an outdoor table base almost anywhere, making them adaptable to any environment. Consider how much stress and money you can save if you have a base that can serve both indoor and outdoor locations!

Choosing the Right Style

Our patio table bases come in several styles and sizes to meet the needs of different settings and applications. Your outdoor space can be enhanced by sleek or intricate bases, adding an element of decorative appeal. Below are some of our most popular styles:

  • Round
  • X prong
  • Square

Some of our bases include functional elements such as doubling as umbrella bases or a folding mechanism that allow you to save space. The are also crafted from a range of metals that are suitable for exterior dining spaces:

  • Aluminum – lightweight yet strong enough to hold its shape under pressure. It's resistant to corrosion, affordable, eco-friendly, and safe.
  • Galvanized steel – rust-resistant, durable, low maintenance, versatile for all environments, and easy to clean.
  • Different grades of stainless steel – last longer than most materials. Strong enough to hold heavy tabletops. Easy to clean, affordable, and safe.
  • Cast iron – high resistance to corrosion, rusting, and oxidation. It's treated with a protective coating to maintain its appearance and functionality over many years of use.

Pair our bases with our outdoor laminate, bamboo, resin, Werzalit, or teak tops to customize the outdoor restaurant table you like. Not sure how or where to begin? Contact us up today.