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Practicality mixed with style, comfort and dependability, that’s what you get with our banquet chairs. With minimum of storage space needed, stackable banquet chairs contribute to the success of any venue that wants to accommodate a large group at any time and at a moment’s notice.

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31 Products

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Commercial Stack and Banquet Chairs

One of the most used products in restaurants, bars, outdoor venues, banquet halls, offices, conference rooms and school assemblies, stacking chairs cater to almost every business need. They are a perfect choice when you want to maximize your space without sacrificing on guest comfort. When cleaning, stacking makes the process easier and quicker while limiting the possibility of damage when moving the chairs.

Practical and Comfortable

Also referred to as banquet chairs, because this is one of the many functions they are used at, stackable chairs are lightweight and comfortable. These chairs tend to have padded, upholstered backs and seats, however some stackable chairs are plastic, metal such as tolix style chairs or wood such as the X-back chair. They are commonly found in banquet halls and hotels as well as chic outdoor dining locations.

Stacking chairs offer easy storage and excellent flexibility. We provide a wide range of options such as:

  • Metal framed padded stacking chairs for meeting rooms.
  • Chiavari chairs for party halls.
  • Chairs for outdoor events.
  • Bistro style banquet chairs for café patios.
And more!! You are certain to find what you need here!

Should you buy a banquet stacking chair?

If you find that you are constantly moving chairs around to create more space, stack chairs may just be the very thing you need. When it comes to making space or providing extra seating to accommodate large groups, they are the perfect solution to your problem. They are also a must have if you are a caterer and required to move seating from location to location.

Stackable banquet chairs are a great option for those who are looking for functional furniture that is inexpensive while still projecting a professional image. Whether this is your first-time buying restaurant chairs or looking to replace your seating, we can help you find the best type for your establishment. Be in touch with us today!