Wood Booths

Wood booths are a great way to add a premium look to your restaurant or cafe. We use only the finest parts and materials and the end result is a strong and durable booth, built for heavy commercial use.

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14 Products

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Wood Restaurant Booths

To give your guests a more enjoyable experience and providing them with some quality time without any disturbances it’s always best to choose restaurant booths. They provide maximum privacy as their high-backed back helps to block out some of the surrounding noise. In essence, people can maintain their privacy despite the presence of other diners.

Our wood booths come in a variety of styles from wood benches with wood back and seat, semi padded wood, bead board back and more. You can customize your booths with custom wood finishes and a selection of upholstery options.

Where are Wood Booths Most Popular?

Due to their more unique design, wood booths can be mainly found in venues with a specific design:

  • Rustic restaurants
  • English style pubs
  • Churches
  • Urban restaurants
  • American steakhouses

Made in the USA

Our US-made restaurant wood booths are of the highest quality, sourced and manufactured from American-made materials. We are happy to make your booths to your exact specifications to ensure you get exactly what you want at an affordable price.