Commercial Umbrellas for Restaurants

Add a splash of color and provide your custmers with much wanted shade at the same time with any of our patio umbrellas. Designed for commercial use they come in a vast array of colors, materials and canopy sizes.

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13 Products

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Restaurant Patio Umbrellas

Commercial umbrellas offer a much-needed cover from the sun and rain. Patio umbrellas make any outdoor space feel more soothing and peacefuland helps make meals a little more pleasant. They can also be a striking decorative piece for any outdoor dining setup, with options available in various patterns, finishes, colors, and styles. We offer umbrellas in multiple materials, styles, and sizes, with options that cater to each outdoor dining need and aesthetic preference.

Different Styles of Patio Umbrellas

  • Aluminum – Lightweight and sturdy aluminum umbrella frames offer more versatility and options with opening and closing mechanisms, tilting, and finishes
  • Fiberglass – These umbrella frames are durable, light, and flexible enough to withstand windy conditions without warping or breaking
  • Wood – Providing an organic, classic appearance these umbrella frames are made of hardwoods, naturally resistant to dampness and insects

Our patio umbrellas fabrics are available in diverse colors; the choices are plentiful, whether you need a bright yellow umbrella or a traditional black patio umbrella. In addition we also carry several bases to hold your umbrellas.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Umbrella

When it comes to choosing the appropriate umbrella for your patio there are a few factors to consider. White they are all designed for quality and durability, different grades of fabrics and prints will suit various climates, uses and decors.

  • Sunbrella canopy material – renowned for its fade-resistant durability, 98% UV protection, and water, rain, wind, mold, and mildew resistance
  • Pacifica canopy material – made of polyester fabric with performance ratings that promise fade, rot, and mildew resistance for up to four years
  • Olefin canopy material – better priced and fade-resistant than those made of cotton or polyester blends, making them a nice middle-ground choice between lower-quality materials and the pricey acrylic canvas umbrellas

There is nothing wrong with a bit of sun, but overhead shade can make outdoor dining and lounging much more comfortable. A patio umbrella can also offer protection from the rain and wind and save your outdoor social event. There are multiple options, from fabric, frame material, and size. If you don't know which umbrella is right for you, don't worry. Jump on a call with us, and we will cover you in no time.