Bolt Down Restaurant Bar Stools

Nothing will bring a perfect modern feel to your venue more than our bolt down swivel bar stools. Built exclusively for heavy commercial use, these are one of the for your busy establishment. We use the highest quality materials to produce them with unmatched durability. A foot rest is featured to provide additional comfort.

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3 Products

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Commercial Bolt Down Bar Stools

When furnishing a counter area or bar, you should look for pieces that will add character and blend functionality with design. Our bolt-down bar stools are tasked for that. Simple and elegant, they are both durable and stationary. Available in different styles and seat options, our floor-mounted bar stools use commercial-grade materials and are designed according to your preferences. We attach the seats to the bar bases which can be bolted down to the floor using high-quality bolts and brackets, so they are safe as well as stylish.

Advantages of Bolt Down Bar Stools

Bolt-down bar stools are a popular choice among certain commercial locations. They take up less space, don't get moved around by customers, and make clean-up easier. These advantages make them worth the investment!

  • Create an aesthetically pleasing bar area
  • Take up less space than standard restaurant bar stools
  • Easier to clean around the bolt-down base

Best Locations for Bolt Down Bar Stools

Bolt-down bar stools are amazing in certain places. If you want some bolt-down bar stools, these are good places to look:

  • Bowling alleys – Provide your customers a place to grab some delicious snacks and drinks, then get right back into the game.
  • Sports bars – Perfect for customers getting a drink before turning back to the game on the screen.
  • Classic diners – There's always going to be one nearby, so allow your customers to get off those hard seats by offering a seat that slides right up against the bar

Built for Heavy Use

Our commercial bolt down bar stools are built for heavy use in a fast-paced environment in the hospitality business. The mounted stools are made with top quality steel and cast-iron components. On some models you can also choose from a number of frame finishes. Many of them come with the choice of a cushioned seat upholstered in vinyl or fabric or a saddle shaped wood seat with your choice of wood finishes. They also come with foot rests and many come in a matching chair or standard bar stool.