Cast Iron Table Bases

Our table bases are made to last and designed to take a backseat to your table tops They'll do the support they're meant for all the while letting your table tops do all the attention grabbing. Our customer service staff can help you determine the best size and style table base for the table top you chose. Hardware is included on base orders.

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31 Products

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Cast Iron Base for your Restaurant and Bar Tables

Having a restaurant table base that will not only hold up to the daily rigors of a restaurant environment but also offer optimal support to tabletops is critical. This makes cast iron table bases one of the top choices among restaurant owners. And therefore, we provide a complete selection of them. Apart from looking attractive and being hard-wearing, our cast iron table bases will give your tables a new lease of life.

The Strength of Cast Iron

Cast iron table bases are exceptionally durable. Some pubs and restaurants still use original Victorian castings for their bases today! As a result of their long-lasting nature, they are ideal for use as bar or restaurant table bases, as they can withstand heavy foot traffic while being moved around for functions and layout changes. Cast iron table bases are perfect if you need something to support a heavy tabletop, such as those made from marble, granite, or metal. Some of them (with special coating) are used outdoors as their weight makes them ideal for use in windy conditions.

Easy to Customize

Using a variety of molds cast iron bases can be made in a wide array of designs, from modern to classical. The choice grows even wider when you add the different base plates available:

  • X prong
  • 2 prong
  • Round base
  • Square base
  • Bolt-down


You don't need to break the bank to have a great restaurant dining table. Sturdy and adjustable, you can count on these cast iron table bases for years of service. With various styles available, you'll find one that fits effortlessly into your restaurant. All the hardware is included, so you will have a restaurant table set up in no time! If you are unsure what you need or what to look for, be in touch with our sales experts, who will walk you through everything!