Solid Wood Table Tops

Our solid wood table tops are made with the same wood and finish options as our wood chairs, helping to give your restaurant a great contemporary look when paired with our wood and metal furniture.

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Solid Wood Restaurant Table Tops

For many people, the restaurant dining room is where everyone comes together. This room holds dinner parties, intimate meals and sometimes even private events. Tables are where stories are told, meals are shared and memories are created. A solid wood table top can be the centre piece that brings your restaurant’s dining room and guests together.

As leaders in commercial grade furniture for restaurants, we know that design styles, like cuisine, are varied. This is why we craft and design different types of solid wood table tops to meet different needs and tastes! Whatever you have in mind for your restaurant, you can count on us for help. Whether you are looking for a butcher block, plank wood, teak or pine wood table tops, we carry a variety in different stains, shapes and sizes.

Benefits of Wood Table Tops

  • Beauty - solid wood has an intrinsic beauty that shines through any finish. The natural wood grain is atractive and adds luxry to any interior providing an upscale look to any location.
  • Durability - our wood table tops are made of hard wood allowing them to be in constant use without easily loosing their beauty and appeal.
  • Strength - made to withstand heat, heavy use and constant exposure to water, fat and cleaning agents they are designed to be strong. They won't warp or stain easily and are guaranteed to stand up to the rigors of daily use.

Popular Venues for Restaurant Table Tops

  • Steak houses - known for wooden floors, furniture and often also communal dining style tables steak houses often use solid wood table tops in their interior.
  • Upscale restaurants - wood has a luxurious look that is perfect in upscale locations. Solid wood table tops are also more expensive than most other tops so casual restaurants don't usualy budget for them and prefer going for cheaper alternatives.
  • Rustic locations - as with steak houses, the rustic look is heavily accentuated with wood so wood these tops are a great way to enhance the rustic desing.

Customize Your Wood Table Top

In addition to your choice of style, you can also customize its size and finish. Whether you need a large table to seat big groups for a formal meal or a quaint accent table to seat two for an intimate dinner, we have the solution for you. Some are available as table sets while other wood tops and table bases are sold separately. Found the wood table top you like but can’t decide on a compatible table base size and style to go with it? We’ll help you! Browse through our catalogue or speak with a sales expert today more information about our restaurant wooden table top options!

Most of our solid wood tables are made in the USA by skilled craftsmen. A drop leaf can be added and you can choose a bullnose or eased edge. They also come with an extended warranty, giving you added peace of mind.