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Buying Tips for Restaurant Patio Furniture

Just as it does for your indoor restaurant dining room, adding quality and comfortable furniture is one of the best ways to enhance your outdoor dining space. You can select from a variety of restaurant patio chairs, commercial outdoor bar stools, outdoor restaurant tables, outdoor sofas, commercial umbrellas and other accessories to create an inviting atmosphere for guests.

Before selecting and ordering your restaurant patio furniture, be sure to consider your business needs and find a style, design, color and material that will not only compliment your brand but is also durable for commercial environments and varied weather conditions.

What Makes a Good Piece of Patio Furniture?

As a business owner, you understand perfectly well that maximizing every single inch of your commercial space is essential to your operation’s bottom line. With Covid-19, outdoor space has become a commodity for restaurants and other customer-facing businesses. Putting your outdoor area into practical use is essential more than ever. Considering the circumstances, numerous restaurants have transitioned sections of their entrance, sidewalk and waiting areas into dining spaces for guests. This incentivizes many restaurant businesses to upgrade their commercial outdoor furniture. Those who do have seen high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Note: We don’t advise using indoor restaurant furniture outdoors or patio furniture exclusively built for residential use.

Factors You Should Consider for Your Restaurant's Patio Furniture

Size of Your Outdoor Space

How big is the outdoor space you want to furnish? While this may seem like a simple question, the answer will guide a lot of your decisions. Practically speaking, you should measure the actual square footage of your space to know how much furniture you can fit. Visualizing your area with specific and enough free space for everyone to walk through easily can give you an idea of how much furniture you need and which.


Factoring in your local weather conditions is critical for conducting services outdoors. If you are in an area with consistent rainfall, you’ll want to plan accordingly with heaters, umbrellas, overhead awnings, etc. Look for furniture that is made of waterproof materials such as rattan, plastic, or resin. Metal furniture is more appropriate for sunny or dry climates.

Operation and Use

What does your business do? If you are a restaurant owner, your furniture needs will be based around outdoor restaurant tables and chairs and maybe with outdoor booth seating. If you are a hotelier or a manager, you will want to sport your pool area with a resin sofa set and some outdoor loveseats along with a patio coffee table. This outdoor seating arrangement can work well with rooftop bars or outdoor lounges. Take your business’s specific operations into account and how you can factor in customer comfort outdoors into them.


Even when you purchase weatherproof restaurant furniture, you’re likely to bring some or all of them in at the end of operational hours. Portability is a consideration that should not be overlooked as heavy and bulky outdoor furniture can be a hassle to move back and forth regularly. Stackable patio seating is highly recommended.

Different Types of Patio Furniture

Outdoor restaurant furniture mostly consists of tables and chairs because that is where customers gather to sit and enjoy their meals and beverages. That doesn’t mean you won’t see a couple of bar stools, club chairs and other patio furniture ensemble.

Restaurant Patio Tables

Material is one of the most significant considerations when selecting restaurant patio tables. The same rings true for other furniture pieces. Table top materials for outdoor tables come in a large variety from aluminium, wood, synthetic teak, faux wicker, and resin all of which will affect the following:

      • Aesthetic
      • Durability
      • Maintenance

Because your tables take up a lot of space, they play a critical role in setting the appearance and mood for your outdoor restaurant area. Wrought iron, for instance, has a classic appearance whereas synthetic teak gives off vacation vibes while steel can add an industrial element to your patio design.

Outdoor Restaurant Seating

For your outdoor area, you’ll likely to have different types of seats than indoors. Outdoor café and bar seating is easier to clean, transfer and store. Many are included with arm rests as well and give an additional degree of relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Patio Furniture is Most Durable?

There isn’t a particular type of patio furniture that can be considered “the best type” as there are several types, and each have their unique benefits. For example, aluminium patio furniture cannot rust which makes it ideal for coastal or humid climates. Wrought iron outdoor furniture is very heavy and sturdy, making it a great solution for windy areas.

How Long Should Outdoor Restaurant Furniture Last?

Good quality commercial patio furniture can last up to 15 years. Some will last longer than others – there is no firm timeline. It all depends on maintenance, materials, and climate.

Does Patio Furniture Get Hot?

Patio furniture made from metal absorbs more heat from direct sunlight and is most likely to get hot. Some climates are different than others, so your geographic location does make a big difference. Certain materials retain more heat than others. Aluminium furniture, for example, will be hot when in direct contact with sunlight but will cool down relatively quickly once under shade or anywhere away from the sun. Steel and wrought iron furniture hold up heat longer, requiring a longer cooling period.

Does Patio Furniture Rust?

The short answer is yes and no. It really depends on the material that the outdoor furniture is made of. While you may not have to worry about rusting if your patio furniture is made of synthetic wicker, rattan, resin or teak wood, certain types of metal used for patio furniture are not as resistant to rusting. Outdoor furniture made from aluminium won’t rust because it is a non-ferrous material – meaning, it doesn’t contain any iron. However, patio furniture made of steel or wrought iron can rust. Less expensive and inferior steel or wrought iron is far more likely to rust than high quality wrought iron or steel patio furniture. Due to their primer and powder coating process during production, high quality and steel furniture is less likely to rust.

What Maintenance and Care is Required for Patio Furniture?

High quality commercial grade patio furniture is low maintenance by virtue of the materials used for its production. Depending on the material and structure, some types of patio furniture require more care than others. In most cases, you can simply rinse your furniture with a garden hose and wipe it down.

Should I Cover My Restaurant's Patio Furniture?

While not all patio furniture needs to be covered, we still recommend it. The materials we use for our patio furniture are selected for their weather endurance and durability. Covering your furniture not only extends its life but also minimizes the amount of cleaning and maintenance your patio furniture requires.

What is the warranty on Commercial Patio Furniture?

Every patio furniture manufacturer offers a different warranty period for their products, many offer a 3 months warranty. We provide 6 months to 1 year of warranty.