Laminate Table Tops

Whether you want ready-made reversible table tops, or you want to custom design your own laminate table top Restaurant Furniture Canada offers a variety of options when it comes to table tops. Hardworking laminate inlaid on solid wood means you get solid construction. Paired with our table bases, you have an even wider choice of finished designs. The laminate inlay series offers beautifully crafted table tops with a choice of wood edges in different stains.

When you select any of our melamine laminate table tops for sale, you get durable, well-crafted restaurant table tops, popular for their looks and performance. Our tops are easy-to-maintain, with hardworking attractive surfaces and a solidly constructed wood structure beneath.

If you have more questions about our restaurant tables and the customization options available call (888) 998-4222 and our customer service team will be happy to assist.

Price: $51.00
Price: $51.00
Price: $126.00
Price: $131.00
Price: $137.00
Price: $146.00
Price: $165.00
Price: $168.00