Restaurant Swivel Bar Stools

You are one step closer to success by making your bar stool selection from Restaurant Furniture Canada. We offer high-quality, competitively priced, well-made, beautifully designed swivel bar stools in a wide range of styles and materials.

With our bar stools the options are endless, you will find: solid wood, metal, wood/metal combos, aluminum, swivel, indoor, outdoor, and upholstered bar stools. Our affordable furniture can be found in many well-known restaurants, bars, hotels, and other establishments.

Many of our selections have matching restaurant chairs and tables, and many are also available via our Quick-ship program. Our experienced customer service staff can help you make the right selections for your needs and discuss delivery options.

(SKU: #CAF-1000-SVBS)
Price: $104.00
(SKU: #CAF-10427-BS-SW)
Price: $124.00
(SKU: #CAF-1000-SVBS-AR)
Price: $129.00
(SKU: #CAF-1003-SVBS)
Price: $94.00
(SKU: #CAF-1004-SVBS)
Price: $107.00
(SKU: #CAF-1004-SVBS-AR)
Price: $132.00
(SKU: #CAF-1013-SVBS)
Price: $104.00
(SKU: #CAF-1008-SVBS)
Price: $115.00
(SKU: CAF-1014-SVBS)
Price: $115.00
(SKU: #CAF-1006-SVBS)
Price: $115.00
Price: $126.00
Price: $126.00
Price: $132.00
(SKU: #CAF-902-BS)
Price: $111.00
(SKU: #CAF-901-BS)
Price: $111.00
(SKU: #CAF-703-BS)
Price: $91.00
(SKU: #CAF-912BS)
Price: $115.00
(SKU: #CAF-702-BS)
Price: $78.00
(SKU: #CAF-704-BS)
Price: $72.00
Price: $100.00
(SKU: CAF-BSB-900)
Price: $151.00
(SKU: CAF-BSB-1000-BF)
Price: $171.00
(SKU: CAF-BSB-1003-BF)
Price: $171.00
Price: $116.00