17 Tiles - Toronto, ON

17 Tiles - Toronto, ON

A unique venue with a focus on board games and Mahjong, 17 Tiles offers almost 100 games to patrons, with events and competitions weekly for old-school gamers to show their prowess on classic games such as Monopoly, Connect 4, Risk, and Trivial Pursuit. With an emphasis on Mahjong, the establishment offers private rooms for players, allowing them to focus on their games without distraction.

Menu & Design

Instead of cocktails, 17 Tiles offers mocktails, an alcohol-free alternative. With the classic mojito and Hawaiian waves, there are a number of delectable drinks on offer. Also available are a variety of hot and cold coffee drinks, teas, and specialty items. The food consists of appetizers and sides, including shoestring fries, onion rings, and popcorn chicken.


A traditionally themed venue, the furniture is composed of various shades of brown, complemented by tan walls with game themed wall art and a brown wood paneled floor. Almost rustic in nature, the variations of wood colors and accents combine to create a homey and relaxing space for guests to enjoy their drinks and games. The matte-black ceiling with exposed piping exudes an industrial aesthetic, while the hanging neon lights brighten the space.

Industrial Series Elm Table Top & Wood Grain Metal Chair

Offered with a walnut wood-grain metal frame finish, the Wood Grain Metal Chair has the strength of metal with the allure of natural wood grain. Constructed for commercial use with its durable metal frame, this chair will stand the test of time under heavy use. The curved elbow back design and the black padded vinyl seat promise comfort to users.

Hand crafted from solid Elm wood planks, this table top is unique, as the grain finish is different on each top. Available in a range of sizes and shapes, it can fit in almost any commercial venue. Constructed with a 1 1/8” thickness, it is made for long-lasting use in high-traffic areas. Its naturally distressed wood construction ensures it will add style and class to any space.

Plain Back Booth

With its rich buckskin vinyl upholstery, this booth fits well in this venue. Offering a comfortable place to play one’s favorite board game, the booth blends well with the wood grain of the chairs and the natural wood highlights of the table tops.

At the bar

Our Plain Back Booth , shown above in premium buckskin vinyl upholstery, can be customized in shape, length, and height, allowing it to seamlessly integrate in a variety of commercial applications. Manufactured in the USA, it is constructed with a durable wood frame and high-density commercial-grade foam padding. Offering mix and match options for vinyl or fabric on the back, and a choice of premium vinyl upholstery on the seat, this booth will fit any restaurant’s color scheme. Standard shapes include single, double, deuce, wall bench, L-shape, ½ & ¾ circle.

The next time you’re in Toronto and want some good old fashioned board game play, be sure to visit 17 Tiles. You may be the next Monopoly champion.

For more information and to view their gaming rates, please visit 17 Tiles Website