Finz Resort & Restaurant - Blind Bay, BC

Finz Resort & Restaurant - Blind Bay, BC

Located in Blind Bay, BC, home to only 2369 souls, Finz Resort and Restaurant offers something for everyone. More than a restaurant, Finz is a destination resort overlooking Lake Shuswap. Offering 46 RV camping sites with electricity and water, as well as boat slips for restaurant patrons playing on the lake, this unique establishment caters to adventurous spirits who crave not only a good meal, but fun in the natural beauty of rural Blind Bay.

The restaurant offers both indoor and covered patio seating, with over 200 seats that are temperature controlled to serve in spring, summer, or fall. Due to inclement weather, the resort is closed in the winter.



The restaurant embraces its rural surroundings with its design. Stone on the bar and the wood plank floors emulate a rustic cabin in the woods. Contemporary elements such as the booths and choice of seating accent the space, creating a pleasing blend of styles perfect for this back-country venue. Comfort is assured, as all the seating features plush foam padding and sleek black vinyl upholstery.

The menu is eclectic, offering everything from nachos and chicken wings, to what restaurant Guru dubbed the best seafood in Blind Bay. With something for everyone, this venue is sure not to disappoint.

Yali Bucket Chair & Bar Stool

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NK Custom Booth

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At the bar

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Solid Wood Table Tops

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At the bar

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On the Patio Overlooking Lake Shuswap

There’s nothing better than a meal or a drink lakeside. Finz offers just that. Finz epitomizes this idyllic setting, nestled at the lake's brink, where the gentle lapping of water pairs with every bite and sip. Not only reachable by the conventional means but uniquely accessible by boat, Finz boasts breathtaking vistas of the expansive lake. Their patio serves as an ideal retreat from the freshness of spring through to the crisp beginnings of winter, offering a warm respite as the seasons unfurl a canopy of changing colors over the tranquil waters. Finz is not just a place to dine; it is a destination that merges nature's beauty with culinary delight, providing an experience that tantalizes the senses of discerning patrons.

At the bar

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If you’re a camping, boating, or just a nature enthusiast, visit Finz for a one stop solution to your dining and resort needs. For more information or to book a table or campsite, visit Finz Resort & Restaurant Website