Wood Restaurant Chairs Comparison Chart

Restaurant Furniture Canada is one of the top online restaurant furniture suppliers. As a manufacturer, we know all your restaurant seating needs. The following article is a comparison made for you so that you will be able to determine the differences between our chairs, which are commercial grade, to the competition's, which are usually designed more for home use.

Moreover, some websites will not give you all the information ahead of time. For example, some stores will ship the chairs knocked down. The time you spend assembling the chair could be better used to put the final finishing touches to your new or remodeled restaurant. When purchasing wood restaurant chairs please ask the following questions:
  • Do these chairs come fully assembled?
  • Were they tested for weight and durability?
  • Do you specialize in restaurant furniture or commercial furniture?
  • Can you give me some reference so I can see live samples?
The bottom line is, when purchasing restaurant furniture you want it to withstand the use and abuse of a busy restaurant. Otherwise you'll find yourself spending thousands of dollars all over again within 1-2 years. Check your vendor before purchasing and ask the right questions. If you need further assistance, our sales professionals will be able to help you.
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Our Restaurant Furniture vs the Competition
At first glance, these chairs may look similar, but a closer look shows they differ greatly.
Restaurant Chairs Comparison
Our restaurant chairs vs the competition at arrival
As opposed to other manufacturers, our chairs will arrive fully assembled and ready for use.
Restaurant Chairs as they ship out
The durability of our restaurant chairs vs the competition
We build our chairs to last and withstand the high traffic and wear that are common in commercial usage. That means using more wood, thicker cross sections, and reinforcing pressure points with heavy-duty steel. All connections are glued and screwed together with durable wood screws. Our restaurant wood chairs are BIFMA TESTED AND APPROVED. This gives us the confidence to warrant furniture free from defects for 2 years.
Restaurant Chairs as they ship out
Durability of restaurant chairs
Our restaurant chairs are much more comfortable!
Comfort is key when purchasing furniture. A wider back rest provides extra comfort. Our chairs are at least 1/2" wider at the back rest as indicated in the pictures.
Comfort comparison for restauraut furniture