Custom Made Restaurant Table Tops

Can’t find the table top you want? Our custom-made table tops will fit perfectly to your needs. You decide on the colour, shape and size of the top. Our made to order custom table tops are specifically built to meet food industry and hospitality standards and exceed expectations with their exceptional commercial quality.

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Custom Restaurant Table Tops

Couldn't find the table top you want? Custom-made table tops offer endless possibilities. You can select your desired color, shape, and size to suit your need! Don't forget about the type of restaurant tabletop that meets all your requirements—we've covered it! Pair this with our superbly crafted restaurant table bases to create a high-quality, long-lasting dining experience that fits seamlessly into any home or business setting.

We understand that your restaurant furnishing needs are specific and unique to you. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of table tops so that you can find the perfect one for your location.

What to Consider When Buying Custom-Made Table Tops

Custom-made table tops are a great way to add an extra style element to your dining room. Whether you are looking for a veneer wood table top, laminate table top, or something else, we'll help you find what you need. The first thing you should consider is the size of the table. If you have a large dining room, you may want to use a larger size to accommodate more guests. Smaller tables work well for smaller spaces and can be put into tighter corners than larger tables.

Once you found the style you want it's time to choose the sizes you need for your tops and pair them with suitable bases. We also offer a wide selection of finishes as well as a choice between bullnose or straight edge.

Transform your restaurant tables from boring to breathtaking!

With our unlimited creative options (style dependent), the various styles we feature should only be the beginning of helping you create and design restaurant tables that will provide a lasting personal touch to your space. Select the right dimensions, style, and color. You will have your customized table top delivered to you in no time.

Each project is unique, and our sales team is always here to help you get started!