Free Restaurant Booths Calculator

So you decided to get some booths for your restaurant. Do you know how many restaurant booths you can fit in your space? This heavily depends on your layout - a wall bench layout is very different compared to a 90 degree layout and the number of booths that will fit in the same wall length will vary between the two.

The free restaurant booths calculator will not only allow you to calculate just how many booths you can fit on a wall it will also show you a schematic illustration of the answer.

Please note: This tool uses the measurements of standard booths only - for information regarding custom booths of various sizes and shapes we advise you to contact our support team at: (888) 998-4222.

To use the calculator all you have to do is:
  • Choose the desired layout: Wall or 90 degree (for regular shaped booths only).
  • Enter in feet & inches the size of the space to be filled (i.e. 6'4" or 76" should be entered as 6 (Feet) 4 (inches) in the correctly assigned box).
  • Submit the data and wait for the result.
Please enter your layout:
Wall Bench
90 Degree
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