BIFMA Tested and Approved!

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BIFMA - The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association (BIFMA) is an association that provides voluntary product and industry standards which apply to general purpose furniture such as our restaurant wood chairs. Compliance with these standards is strictly voluntary and requires a variety of different types of tests to be passed before compliance is approved.

Some of the tests our restaurant furniture was required to pass for compliance are listed below, including the results as they relate to the products sold by Restaurant Furniture Canada:
The BIFMA Test Summary:
  • Back Rest Strength -150 lbf. Functional - PASS, 250lbf. Proof - PASS
    There is no loss of serviceability to the chair.
  • Drop Test -225 lb. Functional Drop Weight- PASS, 300 lb. Proof Drop Weight - PASS
    No structural breakage or loss of serviceability.
  • Seating Impact Test - 165 lbs. 100,000 cycles - PASS
    No loss of serviceability to the chair after completion of both the Impact and Load Ease tests.
  • Stability Test - Front- 21 lbf. to tip, Rear- 45 lbf. to tip - PASS
    The chair will not tip over as a result of the force application.
  • Back Durability Test 75 lbf. Applied to back - 80,000 cycles - PASS
    No structural breakage or loss of serviceability.
  • Leg Strength Test - 150 lbf. Functional Load - PASS 250 lbf. Proof Load - PASS
    No loss of serviceability to the chair.
The Benefits of Purchasing BIFMA Approved Furniture:
The BIFMA standards are voluntary, this means that not all manufacturers invest the time and money required to manufacture their furniture to these higher standards. When purchasing chairs from Restaurant Furniture Canada you simply know that they are made to last and withstand the heavy daily use that is part of a dining establishment.